Can you recall how many times you used voice search to search for something on Google? Perhaps not, and we all do it! This would be sufficient to demonstrate the worth of voice search at this time. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular for executing search queries, finding products/services, and making purchasing decisions. So, it is unsurprising that SEO experts in India will focus on “voice search” to increase website traffic and reach.

Did you know almost 40% of online users worldwide prefer mobile voice search? On top of that, this estimated number is expected to grow double in the next few years. This is most probably because voice search is very convenient, practical, and trendy. You know the era of voice search began with the use of smartphones. And now it has given rise to technologies like voice assistants and smart speakers.

Thus, it’s quite indispensable to use voice search to improve your website ranking. But SEO will surely be the backbone of your marketing campaigns. You know what people don’t use the stereotype keywords or long-tail keywords to search things on Google. For this reason, you might also need to work more on SEO strategies and resources for voice search.

Now you’ve understood what voice search is and why it’s hitting the roof, let’s know how to get started with it:

Create engaging content 

Gone are the days when we used to stuff our blogs or articles with keywords to crawl on search rankings. Now, if you want to dominate search engines with SEO, you must be creating engaging content. You know your content should offer values, have simply readable language, and should not be overflowed with keywords.

Some of the key tips to create conversational content are as follows:

  • When people use voice search, they will be talking more naturally than they might do while typing. (So, create your content accordingly)
  • Focus on user experience while creating content.
  • Use conversational and natural language in your content.

If you are hiring SEO experts in India for voice search, make sure you will keep these points in mind. You can help them by suggesting these tips with little to no hassle.

Focus on local search 

When it comes to searching something locally, users tend to use voice search at least three times than text search. This shows why you must focus on creating SEO strategies for voice search that targets local information. Would you believe that more than 50% of local searches by mobile lead to a local shop visit? Well, it’s true.

This is why you should insert local long-tail keywords in your content as much as possible. For instance, you can add “hairdresser shop in city center Delhi.” With that said, you’re allowing your website to rank for specific locations when people voice search.

Ensure your website is optimized for mobile phone users 

Needless to say, mobile phones are the most used devices for voice search or other kinds of searches. Google always prefers websites that are mobile-optimized or mobile-friendly and ranks them high. But unfortunately, if your website is not friendly to mobile users, this can be a serious problem.

You know this will hurt your website in terms of typing and voice search queries. Since SEO is a practice to improve user experience, you need a duly optimized website. Be sure that your website provides the optimum experience to users, especially those who use voice search.

Add short and sweet answers to questions

SEO experts in India have started using content that answers specific queries of searchers. Thus, if you have to use queries effectively to drive traffic, remember this point. Regardless of whether users are asking a complex or lengthy question, your content should be short and clear. It shouldn’t be too long. This is because the voice search results only contain 29 words.

Utilize Google my business listing

If you talk about voice search or local SEO, Google Business Profile Listing is an indispensable thing. Voice searchers want to know crucial information about your business. For instance, they might search for your address, phone number, or opening hours.

All you have to do is make sure that Google has precise information about your business. Accordingly, Google may use Google My Business Listing to provide accurate results to voice searchers.

Eventually, you can use the above five strategies to make a difference to your website ranking through SEO and voice search. But if you are searching for the most trusted SEO Experts in India, get in touch with Ingenious Netsoft. We are a leading digital marketing firm, striving to offer one-stop digital marketing solutions that are tangible and beneficial.

Set up a quick consultation with our experts to see how we can help! We would be waiting to hear something from you soon.