Many are skeptical of the very thought of using SEO, do adopting Search Engine Optimization can earn you millions? After all, it is your investment on which you rely to gain profits and meet your future goals. We know of SEO as only the search engine thing, but does it make money is the question? You can find many SEO experts in India claiming to nurture your business endeavoring and bubbling with enthusiasm. However, can they flair high in your SEO game of yours?

Before arriving at our topic I would be proud to mention some famous SEO experts in India who have achieved laurels in the game of SEO.

  • Neil Patel
  • Sunil Chaudary
  • Jagdish Kumar Prajapat
  • Prem Pal Singh

And the names are many more.

Here we will try to at the gist of what makes the SEO experts in India gain success.  

 What Is so Special About these SEO Experts?

These SEO experts in India are all specialists in their respective domains. They have a depth of experience in advanced SEO technology and the way they leverage the experience into the other marketing domains. Many have helped businesses to cut across the competition and give a push to traffic. They are ideal and have the backing and reputation. . You can also follow the updates and you would never feel duped by the inexperienced or unscrupulous elements posing as experts.

Concentrate on User’s Experience 

Experts signal the user experience in search engine ranking. Google has already spoken about Rank Brain as the third most pertinent ranking factor, and this trend continues to grow and become important in 2022. You might be wondering if he is straight from science fiction all boils down to the Google machine learning system that decides on the ranking factors. It all depends on the perspective and how the way users interact with search results. Ranking the same dependent on that. Optimize around medium-tail keywords to get the bang for your buck and get ranked. And this ranking will help you earn money.

Improve the user experience of Your First Page Post

Look at the post that ranks high and rewrite them. You can find these types of posts and many more visiting Acquisition Search Console and Queries, set an advance filter to find the phrases where the average position is more than 10. Write the posts that rank high and rewrite them.

Utilize the Potentiality of Video trends

Video marketing is a huge traffic source, and now many marketers and these SEO experts in India are also utilizing the same for traffic generation. Studies show that in 2022,

  • Wyzowl found 89 % of video marketers say video gives good ROI
  • 83% of video marketers say video helps with lead generation
  • 88 % say video marketers increase traffic to their website
  • 90 % says it helps increase sales
  • 95 % says it plans to increase its video spending in 2022

There is no need to ponder of video marketing benefits to push your business, and is no doubt worth it. Examples by Opti monster shows the successes due to the Video marketing efforts. Tiger Fitness says it helps them attain 60 % of returning customer rate, which is three times more for the industry, and SAP got 9 m impressions with a video-heavy content marketing campaign.

Utilize the potential of Featured Snippets for better ranking

More than 11 % of studies show featured snippets displayed on search engine result pages, especially after the ads but before acquiring the rank results. You can find them alongside a table, image, or video, and help them stand out even more and give a better position to steal clicks from the higher ranked results.

Depending on the data-driven approach, you can use a paragraph format to rank for question keywords like “What drives growth? If you are trying to go for ranking, use a list format. You can keep your content optimized for your keyword snippets:

  • Write clear and concise sentences
  • Use headers
  • Have a cross-device usability
  • Retain social engagement
  • Utilize external resources

Create Evergreen Content.

Neil Patel opts for ever-green content, which does not have an expiration date and is centered around a topic that people might be interested in for many years to come. It is a content type that users will keep on searching. Any business can rely on content marketing. Let us take an example in the health business. If in the industry some new health concept got  viral, you can create timely content around that fad or craze. You will feel great if players are already staking their claim on the topic, creating post that can sweep off competitors. On the other hand, the business also might take time to generate evergreen content that they are aware customers will always search.

Concentrate on Top of the Funnel Keywords

There are three main phases in the funnel; decision, awareness, and consideration. While you talk about the top of the funnel, best is to concentrate on the keyword phrase that grabs customers. Around 95 % of marketers make sure to generate content that targets top-of-funnel keywords, it generate awareness around the topic and draws the reader without expecting them to take action.

There are many more strategies to adopt, and above all, follow updated Google algorithm rules. Ingenious Netsoft Pvt. Ltd is one of the highly successful companies with the best SEO experts in India that will strengthen your business route, give a push to your website, boost sales and ultimately help you gain riches. We perform competitor SEO analysis and share detailed plans to leverage data and create backlink strategies, its all about generating bespoke SEO strategic moves that mean millions in your account. Let us keep on checking build up of our graph growth.