Instagram needs no introduction, even people who don’t use it knows about the platform. Gram has become more than a social media platform, because of the huge number of users it has saved its position as a great and most salient internet marketing tool.

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Almost every beginner and Top Social Media Marketing Company In India is providing Instagram account management as a part of the whole Social Media Management Package. Every day Instagram is adding new users and features to it, today we are going to tell you some major Instagram stats that should matter to marketers in 2021.

 So, let’s begin…

When you sit down to start work on a new project and figure out what will you do to make Instagram perform good these Instagram statistics can be a great help!

Stats for Instagram

  1. A decade completed!

Instagram was launched officially in the year 2010 and completed a successful 10 years in 2020, October. The first-ever Instagram photo was of a dog shared by the co-creator Kevin Systrom (the image was captioned ‘test’).



  1. Sixth Most-visited Website

You will be surprised to know that Instagram has been on the list of the top 10 most visited websites. There are millions of websites and still, Instagram managed to rank 6th this shows how popular the app is among people.


  1. More than 1 Billion ‘active’ users

This stat makes Instagram the second-most ranked traditional social network site. But it is still behind Facebook, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

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  1. Gram Users all over the World

Besides the USA below are the top five countries for most Instagram users;


  • India: 120million users
  • Brazil: 95 million users
  • Indonesia: 78 million users
  • Russia: 54million users



  1. Know your audience

Although Instagram is very popular still there are 14 % of US adults who have no idea about the platform that is why it is important to know your audience. If you are targeting the wrong audience then all your hard work goes to waste. Ingenious Netsoft expert social media marketers do in-depth research on the target audience your business should aim for to get traffic.

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6. News Source
Lots of people read news daily or every hour, according to Instagram stats almost 11 % of people use Instagram to read the news or to know what’s going on in the world.

In the End

Instagram is without a doubt a great social media platform for Internet Marketing with the massive number of users it holds. Ingenious Netsoft is one of the finest social media marketing companies in India.

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