Do You Think SEO Will Be Dead In 2022


Fortunately, No, In fact, SEO will keep on reinventing and evolving itself”

With the popularity of voice and video search, Artificial Intelligence, social media, and each year to the bemoaning SEO experts, it seemed SEO will get gulped, and replaced with advanced alternatives. You will get acquainted with more customized, and advanced substitutes that promise to overtake an industry. The question is will the SEO is coming to a deadening end or it is merely a fear.

The answer to it is. It is fear. This year-old digital marketing strategy presents such delicious seductive juices, that will never allow it to fade. If you ask any top Social Media Marketing Company In India, and you will get the same answer, SEO and social media will keep on running in parallel.

Will SEO be always in Google Stream 

Though some impactful SEO strategies of the past have ceased to exist, it continues to evolve themselves. It is reinventing, rejuvenating and trying to match user intent. It will continue to cut the spammed ineffective tactics to get better. Look at Google trends like SEO Agency and SEO consultant you will only see its upward trend. The pandemic has also forced many companies to switch over to websites to retain their growth. So, still, the better way to get the Google’s roller coaster ride and enjoy it is through the Best SEO Expert In India.  

 What makes SEO still a popular form of digital marketing strategy?

 Many businesses are still holding many misconceptions about SEO. They were either found trapped in the hands of ineffective agencies or failed to meet their target and got the victim to outreach email. Despite the promises by the SEO agencies at the appropriate prices, businesses are forced to consider this whole concept of SEO as inadequate and merely a waste of money. However, a well-planned and conducive strategy is still one of the adequate, scalable and cost-effective investments for any business.

Social is seductive, but the searches still pay the bill. Unlike earlier days, you had to tell Google about your content with meta tags, but let us realize much has changed in the Google algorithm since the last decade.

Let us admit, if “We are not in Google now, we are no- where.” You can increase traffic to 200k per page views a day with only SEO strategies. Doing the same thing again and again and getting a similar response to what you did the first time. You know that the search has evolved since the last decade, but PageRank still carries weight, and you will see how Google rank your page.

 Writing content, creating backlinks, searching keywords, is not as easy as it seems. It’s quite a time-consuming activity. However, businesses require aggressive growth to sustain themselves, and for many founders growing quickly is now a norm. You can call SEO like buying bonds, but if you are smart in it, you can get ETFs or even S&P500. It takes time to create page authority and domain authority, however, if you are consistent, you can see improvement and even traffic growth.

Following are the trends that reveal where You tend to Head in SEO in 2022

 No Click or Zero-Click Searches

 Zero-click searches mean search engine result page (SERP) which answers the query right towards the top of a Google search result. The searches are increasing as the search user do not require any further clicks to complete the search as the user can get the direct answer. These types of searches are quite common on Smart Phones. You can get instant answers to your search query.

Content that is always in demand 

How and what is a better way to get ranking in Google, create a content that Google requires. There is so much competition out there in each niche that the only way to distinguish your website from others is to create great content. And the best way to create it is the utilize the concept of E-A-T. It means Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. There are three factors that Google use to measure how much trust it should place in a website to get ranked in first-page search result. Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness are the three pillars of E.A.T.

Auditing the Sites

 Many website owners avoid technical aspects of the website. If you ignore these issues that are not allowing traffic to your site, you are wasting your money.

Site auditing is very important to find the issues. It is done by evaluating the search engine and giving you an in-depth overview of the website’s health.

 And the other things are improving the website page speed, voice searches among others. It involves

  • Understanding the needs of your audience
  • Creating Authoritativeness and Authenticity
  • Gaining better User Experience

Dozens of websites with many pages containing thousand of links is definitely not going to work for you. Acquire one backlinks that you get from a reputable website and a page that concerns your page in some way. There is so much information out there. And definitely, outliers giving viral growth will make the effort seems worthless. One thing that you should keep in mind is, create regular content in any form you want.

If people are complaining that Google is dead, they are complaining of one thing, spam is dead, black hat strategies and shortcuts are dead. You need a regular and consistent approach to Search engine optimization to get the results and need patience. So if you hire the Best SEO Expert In India, and that’s your Ingenious Netsoft, you will get the best user-friendly experience, timely and well-formulated content. SEO will keep on reinventing, rejuvenating and retaining its presence felt among the industrialists all over the globe.

Google’s Search Liaison John Mueller, says, “Search engines will never advance to a point where SEO is not needed”.

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