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Are you thinking to build a new website? If you are unsure how to take it forward, and have misconceived notions about it, let us debunk the myths.  A good Website Development Company In India develop responsive and customized websites that will give your brand a unique identity and help you get in good stead.

Have any idea about the website’s gigantic role? In 2018, there were more than 1.8 billion websites, but that’s not an exact figure. However, now in 2022, it’s a lot more. It means people from the majority of areas across the world are developing these sites.

Popularly, many forums like Reddit and blogs discuss the myths linked with website development. Many people find it hard and worrisome. They are not eager to have a WebDeV degree. Let’s discuss the popular web development myths, what are these, and how it is developed. With a web development company in India, you are on the go.

Is Website Development a continuing process?

Myth: Creating a website is difficult however, after that you are all set to go. You also won’t require any maintenance.

Fact:   There is no beginning or end in the process. It is ongoing as technology and content are regularly changing. It also means the website has to keep up with the pace with the latest trend. Website development is a continuing process.

Should I have to pay if there are free website services?

Myth:There are many free website builders which offer services for free.

Fact: You will also realize that there are not free at all. However, once you have signed up, you will soon find there are many limitations and hidden costs. It is also difficult to shift your mobile data to a paid service. In these services, users have to pay more in the development process.

Can anyone build websites on their own?

Myth: Everyone can create websites on their own, then finding a job in website development will get difficult.

Fact: Many platforms make it feasible to develop a website, however, these platforms do not provide adequate resources that could make a quality website. For developing a high-quality website, you need industrial knowledge and skills. The reality is each one of us requires a website but does not want to spend time and money on it.

Cost of commercial websites

Websites are Costly! Really so?

Myth: Building a website is a costly affair, a lot of money is spent on creating one website.

Fact: Website building does not cost much. The cost of the development depends on how complex is your website. It also might cause additional effort and money if additional functions or features are added. You tend to put in more money.

Do Rich content generate results?  

Myth: Quality content only gives a good result, and other aspects do not have a meaning.

Fact: Content is important, it is without a doubt. However, it might also lead to a high bounce rate if there is no information. Informative and relevant content makes a lot of difference. People might lose focus or have less patience while browsing your site when there is no relevant information. If the website content is not structured properly, it will hardly of any use and can create navigation problems.

You do not need Responsive web design

Myth: Many people think that responsive web design is not important. But this is not the case.

Fact: You have to make your website mobile-friendly, or else your ranking will start to drop within Google’s mobile results.

Website development takes time and perseverance 

Myth: The myth is website development takes time to build and requires a lot of passion and motivation. While the answer to it is yes.

Fact: If you want your website to be developed, you need time, passion, and perseverance. You must think about a lot of thingsThe theme of the website, the program in which you have to develop your website, and the exercises you need to perform.

You can get stuck if you are undertaking a website development process

Myth: You can Google if you are stuck with anything when you are undertaking any website development process. You can find out how to troubleshoot and find the solution to other issues. Especially Google learners can use “Doctor Google” to cross the bumps on the tech road.

Fact: You can take advice from a Google doctor, but can you troubleshoot any technical issues on your own? When you try to develop your website on your own, there are many issues that only a trained and experienced website developer can handle.

However, the fun fact is if you have keen eyes Google has Technical Development Guide for anyone whosoever is interested in learning and developing technical skills online.

Do you need to be a genius?

Myth: You need to be a genius?

Fact: You don’t need to become a Tony Stark for developing websites. Though there are many web wizards, you do not have to be a genius. All you require is to learn the skills to stay motivated like in other professions.

In the corporate world of today, if you do not have a website, you are nowhere. Your website is your identity, so leave everything and create a website that can make you stand apart. The website development company in India Ingenious is dedicated to creating fast-loading, attractive and user-friendly navigational websites that can reduce your burden and help you stand apart from the rest. It is an online world online and to make a place in it is not easy, go for it.

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