Link building serves as a steppingstone for any digital marketer’s off-page SEO strategies. Agreed? Link building has been a surefire way for marketers to drive organic reach and traffic via Google. As per recent reports, backlinks driven the most organic Google search results. SEO Experts in India prefer link building to secure higher rankings even in very competitive domains.

However, even seasoned SEO experts may commit some common link-building mistakes. Mistakes committed during the process can hit your website in two significant ways. The first sure shot will be on the rankings or you can say Google will lower your rankings. The second one is that Google may permanently ban your domain from indexing.

Do you know the overall quality of your backlinks can significantly impact? 

  • The total sales your business obtains through search engines.
  • Inclusive organic reach and website traffic your website drives.
  • The search rankings of your website in comparison with your competitors.

But as we are in 2022, a new year for new openings and growth, we should learn from the mistakes we did in the past. Right? So, let’s take a glance at some common yet very big SEO link building mistakes you should sidestep in 2022:

Irrelevant keyword stuffing

Traditionally, keyword stuffing used to be a critical aspect to drive better reach through your content. But apologies to our dear SEO friends, it’s no longer the truth. Didn’t you know keyword stuffing can be disadvantageous to the search rankings of your website?

Keyword stuffing is a lazy and weak approach to garnering more visibility on SERPs by bombarding your content with irrelevant keywords. Many SEO experts even inorganically add bogus keywords to their content to rank high on SERPs.

Unfortunately, this will not work any longer. Being an SEO expert, you must only add relevant and limited keywords to your content.

Selling/Buying links

Intending to obtain better results through SEO in India, SEO experts often commit this mistake. But both selling and buying links can be detrimental to your search engine rankings. Perhaps you miss on a trick here that search engines can detect this fraudulent activity with their innovative algorithms.

The insider systems of Google grasp whenever you buy or sell the links. If you have also used this trick to rank higher on Google, make sure you will remove those links as soon as possible. This is because the search engine will penalize, or it may even ban those spammy links without giving a warning.

Emphasizing only on high DA backlinks 

High-domain authority websites may be a startling choice for SEO experts to get their backlinks. Do you think the backlinks from high DA websites will always be efficient and evergreen? If your answer is yes, you might be wrong here. There are no certain links that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

It may be possible that backlinks created from high DA websites provide higher rankings. But the possibility of losing your credibility is also there. So, what you can do is also work on the low DA backlinks as you never know if they will be popular tomorrow.

Creating countless backlinks in little to no time 

Can you tell how many backlinks a day are ideal for optimization? Should you create 60-100 or 40-50 backlinks every day? It’s necessary to identify the exact number so that you don’t commit this mistake. There’s no fixed number that is safe or unsafe when it comes to creating backlinks throughout the day.

However, according to experts, you can build 40-50 or 60-100 backlinks that would be phenomenal. Even after knowing this, some SEO Experts in India continuously count on it. But make sure you will not be among those SEO persons.

Anchor text overloading 

The hyperlinked words or texts in your content are the anchor text, right? It can be a smart strategy to create backlinks on your primary keyword to improve its rankings.

On the other hand, overdoing it can turn out to be costly for your links. You never know if Google will count this as spamming. Do you know Google penalizes websites that are over-optimized using anchor texts or backlinks? So, the message is very clear here! Make sure you will prevent creating innumerable backlinks by using the same keywords.

Thus, this is all that we have to tell you all to help you thwart SEO backlinking mistakes. These mistakes may look common, but they are enough to kill or ruin your SEO. Be alert to these backlinking mistakes and don’t take stress if you have already committed some.

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