5 SEO Trends To Watch Out For Ruling Google Search In 2022


As Google keeps on rolling out new ranking factors, digital marketers’ hearts may skip a beat this year as well. Marketing experts want to hit the shots to rank their websites at the top of Google. While Google ranking factors make them dance a bit, it’s essential to know what special the year 2022 has for SEO. SEO Experts In India are too on the edge of the seat to be accustomed to top SEO trends.

Despite being a newer marketing discipline, SEO serves as a game-changing factor. The three simple words of the term “SEO” could make a difference to any business’s bottom line.

Do you know the first search result among all SERPs drives over 31.7% clicks? With that said, only 0.78% of users navigate to anything shown on the second page of Google. In fact, it may not be an exaggeration if we say SEO has revolutionized the page ranking algorithms of Google.

Even if the nitty-gritty of SEO remains the same, keeping an eye on the latest trends becomes quite inevitable. Here’s a sneak peek at the top five popular SEO trends for 2022:

  1. Optimize your headers with the right keywords 

SEO experts have better expertise when it comes to using keywords to rank a website high in SERP. But perhaps they miss a trick and that is of not using keywords in headings. Because of this, search engines may not acknowledge your content as satisfactorily as the audience wants.

The keywords in placed or used in the headings serve as a table of contents. Would you believe that over 36% of SEO executives consider headlines to be of the highest importance? This may be staggering, but equally true!

However, there’s a big difference between using keywords and forcefully inserting them in the headings. Google wants users to have a seamless user experience, not what you want to show forcibly.

  1. Work on improving the content quality 

Every digital marketer acknowledges that “content is the king,” and it is even if we have entered a new year. A report from Backlinko stated that the highest-ranked pages on search engines have 1447 of an average word count?

Content is an inevitable aspect of digital marketing that satisfies the user’s intent. Search engines prioritize the most relevant and high-quality content over other bogus ones. Use the below-listed tips to reshape your content this year:

  • Always write content for your target audience.
  • Use search traffic potential to choose the content topics.
  • Match the 3 Cs of a user search intent – content format, content type, and content angle.
  • Go for a content calendar.
  • Pen headlines that describe the whole essence of your content.
  • Focus on a storyline, connectivity, and user experience.

Following the above tactics, you are surely close to cut down to your competition.

  1. Long-tail keywords are back in the game 

Intending to rule over SEO In India, the idea of using long-tail keywords is not so bad. Long-tail keywords may bring more value than the shorter ones to rank your web pages. According to recent reports, shorter keywords may not perfectly match what users are looking for.

We can’t say the long-tail keywords are back in the game because they might have never been out. So, if you’re aiming to rise high on SERP, go for the long-tail keywords. Do you know that long-tail keywords are responsible for 91.8% of overall search queries? Use long-tail keywords because they are:

  • Better match to the user search intent.
  • More specific.
  1. Focus on image & video optimization  

From social media to the rest of the online world, it’s no secret how dominating videos and images are in online marketing. Perhaps you don’t know that videos are the top-most thing used for acquiring information. True or not? More than 66% of users go for a video when they have to collect some info or update.

For SEO experts, 2022 should be the year to capitalize on the images & videos to get an edge over the competitors. Thus, work on the visual optimization as much as you can. For instance, you can utilize the explicit images with structured data & alt tags to your advantage.

  1. Intent & semantic search optimization 

Google no more lines up the keywords that describe the exact matching or exact keywords employed by the users. Instead, it has started using the actual strings of keywords a user types in the search box.

Above everything, search engines prioritize the keywords that complement the user search intent. Apart from this, you can also use Semantic Research tools to match up this key trend. Overall, using the latest SEO trends can lead you rise high on the Google search.

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