Trends And Threats In The Cybersecurity Industry In 2021


Technology keeps on evolving and is a key factor in the way any IT Company In India would operate.

Emerging new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, automation and the Internet of Things creates opportunities for businesses to unlock new values.

No doubt technology increases and as mentioned before evolves with time, so does the cyber threat that IT companies in India must address. It is estimated that the cyber threat globally slows the pace of technology by $3 trillion in economic value in 2020.

Ecommerce platforms have threats of credit card fraud and with time are learning to go with the pace. Now more than ever B2B is under the stress to get secure from malicious attacks. As technology evolves and gets better so does the risk of threats, it is estimated that the cyber threat globally slows the pace.

  • Cloud Threats

During the coronavirus pandemic, online collaboration and remote work have grown or intensified because of this cloud adoption that emerged as an ally for business/IT companies in India continuity.

Rapid use of cloud migration was set to receive a host of new security threats and challenges. This reduces visibility and control, vulnerable cloud-apps thus will continue to disrupt business in further future ahead.

  • Al Integration

Cyberattacks continue to grow with frequency, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to help security teams to stay ahead of threats. A massive quantity of risk data from two sets of resources- structured and unstructured.

  • Extended Detection and Response

Data breaches keep on rising, security teams have been given the responsibility to gain the visibility of customer data across emails. The extended detection and response need to collect data from several endpoints.

  • Enterprise CSOs

Cybersecurity incidents, threats, beyond traditional enterprise IT companies in India must revamp their security across cyber and physical environments. These incidents increase OT/OT system vulnerabilities; thus, attacks continue to challenge the cyber-physical world.

  • Data Privacy as a Discipline

Growing concerns related to data management and security are set to increase significantly, to establish a discipline of its own. As a standalone, data privacy has almost all aspects of an organization in mind.

  • Insider Threats

Remote work has left global organizations unprepared to monitor due or identify inside threats due to some of the unauthorized remote access, unsecure networks, and the misuse of personal devices. Such patterns are expected to not only continue but rise in 2021.

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