E-Commerce CRO Strategies- Boost Sales & Enhance Customer Experience


Your business needs a higher conversion rate, and we know 5 simple steps that can help you gain an edge over others and be a boss in the e-commerce world!

But do you know that 93.5% of internet surfers shop online, and your brand’s presence on the internet shouldn’t be just existence but a blend of activities that compel people to buy your product? Turning viewers to buyers can be a task, but CRO or Conversation Rate Optimization is the key element that can drive your business to new heights and better sales.

What is CRO? 

It refers to a percentage value that tells us about all the visitors who complete a particular action on the respective website. It can be social media shares, online sales, and newsletter sign-ups and so many other tasks that are included in the typical conversion rates.

Let’s quickly have a view on those 5 CRO strategies that you must do to boost your sales and improve a customer experience with quality:

  1. Update your product page

It is important that your product page is updated and looks good. Reason being that the customer has the virtual wall, and all it can trust is your presentation, reviews, and information. If all these things are worked properly, the chance of a sale increases without any hassles. From a solid product description to HD images of the product accompanied by the fantastic review will enhance customer thought process. We also advise you to share a detailed analysis of your product because clients should never be short of information. So, amp up your product page and include relevant information on it.

  1. Chatbots or live chat

Do you know that some websites are revamping the customer experience through live chat? Always remember that your store has no ‘closing’ and it is officially open 24/7 for your customers. A live chat box can help you connect with them and avoid chances of losing on a sale. Artificial Intelligence equipped technology can help improve a customer’s experience and turn customers into potential sales.

  1. No shipping cost or less 

Imagine you are buying a product, and the shipping cost on it exceeds or is too high for you to bear. What will be your next step? Switch to some other brand? This is a usual action from the client-side, but you must focus on it carefully. Do not give your clients a reason to drop you because of the shipping cost. Keep them low or don’t – for some time initially. You can also offer a coupon or interesting discount offers. It can help customers come back to back or refer your product to others.

  1. Secured Payment 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment platform is secured and there are no glitches in it. It is one of the most important points that people should always keep first in the development checklist. It is a trust factor that lets your customers believe in you and boost conversion rates.

We hope you liked these 4 simple steps and look forward to following them and increase your conversion rates. E-commerce is the next hot spot for online sales, and CRO activities work as fuel to it and we at Ingenious Netsoft is an Ecommerce Development Company India that can produce successful results with strong commitments for your brand.

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