COVID Business And Psychology -Time To Act


Sometimes Business is about Balance and Empathy.

We have crossed 5 months in the COVID 19 Pandemic and it is the first time in a decade that our company Ingenious Netsoft Private Limited has seen such a situation. It has not only changed our workflow, but also made us realize the value of sustainability, empathy, balance, potential, and decision making.

We are a digital marketing agency in India with years of excellence in delivering successful projects in the entire world. You pick a continent, and we have served it. The past few months have come as a shock wave and a disaster to well established, emerging, and growing start-ups and firms. We have seen massive lay-offs, office shut, resource crunch, and uncertain adjustments to fill the financial vacuum and emotional baggage.

We are a team of 45 – 50 people, and we know how difficult it was for us to adapt ourselves to the NEW NORMAL. The whole pattern changed, shifts were made, and we tried to maintain the chain and asked everyone to stay home, look after their families, unload the stress, and join when they feel comfortable. We understood that this is not the time to make profits, but to maintain relations. Some of us were quarantined safely, and some of us were still away from our homes. There were different mindsets, various thoughts, and unmatched opinions. Initially, everything came crashing down because of unavoidable circumstances, but the best part was the connections, feelings, and support we had from our clients and employees.

We have received genuine feedback, wonderful messages, and amazing new clientele. Though the whole dynamics have been changed, communications have become all virtual, and the distance has made things more challenging, yet we are sailing strong. The storm seems gone, and we are back to acceptance. We have had helped so many emerging businesses make their online presence worth every value. From content management, web development, SEO, SMM, SMO to strategizing, we have done it all. What an experience it was and still is. We are happy that we did not lose the strength, everyone gave their best, the management stood tight and we also recruited more people in our company. Honestly, COVID came as a lesson to us, and we have made notes from it.


The off-roading and on-roading in business go hand in hand, but sometimes you have to take exceptional steps that are beyond expected but ethically correct. You have to be spontaneous and feel grateful for what you have. The feeling of gratitude should never be forgotten. The year 2020 has forced people to take the worst steps, some lost their life-time earnings and some are still struggling to make ends meet. We are hoping and wishing the best for everyone in this world. It is the time to support, help, and spread positivity and try to make the best use of whatever we have. Let’s make this world a better place again, help the economy grow, and let us be empathetic with our partners, colleagues, and clients.

We at Ingenious Netsoft Private Limited have a message for all; please take a moment out to read this:

Your employees need your support, clients need new strategies to build their businesses, profits can be earned again, relations are important to maintaining, mental health needs to be addressed and most importantly, we have to strike a balance to run things emotionally and rationally strong. You all are doing a great job already and we are proud of each one you reading this.

Stay strong, stay healthy!


Ingenious Netsoft Pvt. Ltd.

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