The Magical 7 Social Media Strategies of 2020


We call it the Magic of 7. What do you call your SMO strategies as? Welcome to 2020 where digital tricks will be overpowering everything, and you can get some real and groundbreaking insight on Social Media Optimization for your Brand.

Having a social media strategy is not only important but mandatory in today’s time. It will help you promote the brand, get active customer engagement on your platform and at the same time fetch popularity for your services. If you are boosting right, creating awesome content and marketing well then you are absolutely on the right track.

But this year, these 7 magical tricks are not the ordinary ones to follow. Have a look to know about what’s special in them for your Brand:

1. Set, Find & Strategize

You must be setting long term goals, looking at what others are doing and strategizing your goals while looking at your competitor’s growth stories. Stop doing this immediately. It is all done and now it is time to bring new things on the table. Find your brand’s niche, set a short term goal, look at what’s unique in your brand and then strategize with some effective brainstorming.

2. Know your Audience

If you are promoting your brand without even knowing the targeted audience, you are wasting the crucial time of the company. Look for efficient service providers to increase the popularity of your brand amongst those who match with your brand and the service. Do some research and hit the social media platform with correct identification and quality examination.

3. Identify Right Distribution Channels 

The Magical 7 Social Media Strategies of 2020

When you are promoting your brand make sure you know where your audience is, and which social media channels are having the active engagement of them. Once you are done with this, you now know where and how to distribute the business resources to attract more connections for your services on:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. YouTube

The list goes on.

4. Content, The Master

You can call Content the king or the queen, but we call it the Master. Content is subjective yet the one which creates the lead for your brand. Whatever you write counts and what you don’t get noticed. Have a strong and well knowledgeable content team, it will enhance your brand image and you shall be able to create a robust social media advertising through it. Don’t forget the master always bring the sources in the form of traffic.

5. The Role of Influencers

All thanks to Social Media for creating influencers who can help your brand spread around. From fashion, food, electronics to everything else. We have Social Media influencers with great fan following and their one post can strengthen the Brand Image and increase popularity. There are micro, macro and celebrity influencers from whom you can ask to promote your Brand.

6. Advanced Chatbots & AI 

You can automatically schedule everything now from hashtags, extract results, shortened links, and many other activities. Gone are those days when traditional Social Media Marketing used to happen. Your competitors are aware of this and it becomes vital for you as well that you know about everything in AI. Know about chatbots and start using them from now, they can save a lot of your time & business.

7. Evaluate your Performance

Do Social Media audit carefully, learn about the post reach, likes and measure the performance. It is essential to know what all you are doing is getting you traffic and increasing the organic reach of your initiative. Match them with your goals and do an in-depth analysis of Social Media activities.

Now if you are looking at who can do this job for your Brand then we at Ingenious Netsoft Pvt. Ltd. do it all for you. We are the leading Social Media Marketing Company of India and provide A to Z branding solutions to you

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Happy Branding to you from us!

Ingenious Netsoft Pvt. Ltd.

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