5 Trendy Logo Designs for 2020 Branding


We all have seen a decade old transformation in the world of designing and especially Logo Designing. The usual attempts have failed and new trends are taking their space. This is not what you are going to see for the first time. Every decade brings new things on board and you have to adapt your skills according to them.

Yet again the world of Logo designing is changing and if you are still stuck at the old fashioned logos, then it is time to learn the 2020 trending logo designs and their concepts. If you are looking for companies that Logo Design in India, then you are at the right place!

1. Keep it Imperfect & Rough 

For all those who have been looking for some original yet raw logo designs, the trend is back. Inspired by sketching, shading techniques, and uneven lines, the sketchbook inspiration is on fire. Draw & give your logos a rough blend and here is your imperfect and organic logo ready to imprint its design in million minds. Keep it as authentic as you!

2. Ultra-Thin Lines make everything fine

Tech & industrial branding uses ultra-thin lines to make their logo designs. These are sleek and cannot be made without computer assistance. A lot of efforts go into developing it. It seems popular and it is the future of technology. It can be complex as detailing is required but at the same time, it can be really impactful for branding.

Logo Design - Ingenious Netsoft

3. 3D Gradients

Have you ever thought that 3D effects in a logo can create a stunning blend in branding? Imagine you have picked three colors and tried to fit them in a shape with 3D effects and then played on the lines of logo designing. How interesting it can turn. They are filled with energy and real-time effects. You can always pick this one for your next project.

4. The Nostalgic 80s are here

If you are an 80’s kid then no explanations are needed and even if you aren’t the one, again no explanations are needed to define the reason behind the logo. Those blur lines, with chrome, neon and a lot of pixels, with a touch of retro, are enough to connect with the spirit of the old-school rainbow gradient. The vintage motivation is all you need for a logo and once you get that, get ready for people’s best reactions on them!

5. The Secret of Topography 

Next time when you are going to play with Topography on the logos, be alert and quick with things. Your creative bend is most required here. Use fonts that are tempting to give a hint and also leave a great influence on the viewers. The attention-grabbing ideas which may be funky or stylish can encourage the logo concept in swag & you will definitely hit the right chord. Take risks but don’t make it complex. Let others feel the win at the end.

If you are looking for companies that Logo Design in India, then you are at the right place! For all these amazing Logo strategies of 2020, you need someone who can display your required attention. We at Ingenious Netsoft Private Limited, leaves no design unturned to make you feel your brand. If you are a starter or an established firm, you can easily get in touch with us and request a quote. We believe in positive collaborations and active engagements. We are one of the leading Logo Design Company in India who have been encouraging brands to make their mark in their respective industry.

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