How Can a Testimonial Help Increase Traffic?


Imagine that you have a website and you are trying hard to make it as authentic as it can be through content, web designing, logo design, and productive images. After all, your website is everything and in today’s world, a website means your identity. Whatever you want to sell, your USP and work are reflected in that website. But even after having all these features on the website, your traffic reach is less and below your expectations.

Do you know what is missing in that website? The great company testimonials. If you don’t know what a testimonial is then you should have a look at the below content. There is something interesting waiting for you!

What is a Testimonial? 

Commonly known as review and otherwise called ‘a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.’ These are usually seen on a website about a product when you are searching for it. These can be a simple quote or a whole description of the experience. A testimonial can help us know about the background story of a product. It is a kind of feedback that the client drops at your place.

Why is it Important?

A testimonial is of great importance. It will be foolish to avoid it and if you are doing it because you do not know the same then it is time to get a page dedicated to this on your website. A testimonial can bring people on your platform, help you gain that potential audience you wanted to have and eventually increase your sales.

Remember a positive testimonial can bring great luck for you!

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5 Popular Types of Testimonials

There are so many types of testimonials that you can try to have on your page. Let’s have a quick look at them:

1. Quotes & statements

The testimonials that come in a statement or are quoted by a customer are essential for the website. It has a great impact on all those people who have been visiting your portal. It attracts loyalty and if that quote is by someone famous, it increases the traffic without much hard work. People can connect well with their beloved personality we tell you!

2. Audio 

Audio testimonials can again be helpful. If you start collecting these cost-effective audio clips, it can be of great benefit to you. It does not require many initiatives, it is easy to grab, and you can go ahead in making them without any hassles. An audio testimonial can serve your website with a lot of traffic.

3. Video 

Do you know a Video Testimonial is known as the most reliable one? This type of website testimonials is way too powerful when it comes to organic reach. People do get inspired and motivated with them and start believing in your work. These are popular and trendy today and you should go for it!

4. Case Study 

You know a case study is a testimonial again. There are a lot of observations, facts, statistics, and real data involved. It can bring so much on the table for a client. When a case study is being made, it is described through every possible way to gain the trust of the clients and get them with you.

5. Customer Interviews

This is the most lucrative type of feedback that one can get. A customer interview is too easy to ask for. You can keep it short & make it look more practical. Take different opinions and combine them in one or may float them around with a flexible approach.

Was it too difficult to grab? Of course not! These can bring authentic reach on your website. Increase traffic results and offer a lot many things apart from just the audience. If you are looking for more such amazing blogs on different and unique topics, then we at Ingenious Netsoft Pvt. Ltd., are here to help with highly professional people and great minds working with us. Get in touch or visit us to have a glance at what we have in our inventory!

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