Mobile Commerce Trends that Will be Dominating in 2020


Mobile phones have dominated almost every part of present day lives. With smartphones going with us all over the place, it would not be incorrect to state that they impact how we work, enjoy, and shop. In addition, mobile commerce has seen a meteoric rise in popularity recently, with an increasing number of shoppers reaching for their smartphones when looking to shop online. Experts predict that mobile commerce will dominate the eCommerce industry with 54% ($659 billion) in sales by the year 2021.

Since mCommerce is predicted to overtake eCommerce in the coming years, e-retailers must take note of some of the shifts they are likely experience in 2020 and beyond:

Augmented Reality: This is a technology that uses smartphone cameras to transpose digital content into the real world. While this sounds like something tore directly from a science fiction novel, the technology works and is being used by brands in a way that appeared to be impossible a couple of years prior. AR allows your clients to look and feel your products similarly as they would in a physical store.

This implies they will feel progressively good paying for the products as they can be certain that the product you are offering is actually what they are searching for. In spite of the fact that AR is certainly still a way off being ubiquitous, e-retailers that start thinking about how they might use the technology down the road will receive the benefits of doing as such later on.

Faster Loading Time: A research by Google found that 53% of mobile users will leave a website that takes over 3 seconds to load. You could be losing a number of potential clients if your website is not worked to be mobile-friendly, and all the more, lose them to competitors whose websites are. Considering super-fast innovations, such as, 5G are turning into a completely fledged and highly desired by consumers in 2020, businesses can’t bear to disregard that modern-day customers need eCommerce experiences to match.

If your potential client has a mobile connection that works at lightning speed, but your website is super-slow on mobile, you have created a barrier to purchase. E-retailers should make sure customers can explore a website, find the items they need, and make purchases easily, all using a mobile device.

App Search and Navigation: The simpler it is for clients to find items; more are the chances that they will end up buying something. Mobile sites and apps will keep on improving the client experience by simplifying navigation, including dynamic product pages and autocomplete features to search option. In the event that a client can find their desired product quickly on a mobile commerce platform, he/she will buy, therefore, improving conversions.

Faster Checkouts: Easy checkout options will continue affecting the conversion rates of eCommerce websites and mobile applications. Single-click checkout and payment through digital wallets improve the customer’s buying experience, which at last leads to more sales. If a mobile website or app has these options, there will be greater possibilities that a user will end up buying.

Say Hello to Chatbots: Live bots integrated into the mobile commerce stores have proven to be a game-changer with regards to conversions and customer support. By integrating live chatbots in their apps and mobile stores, companies would be seen shaping up decisions, helping buyers to make purchases easily, lessening the chances of abandonment.

Final Words

It is fascinating to see these trends molding our daily shopping experiences, making them substantially more streamlined and better. For the storekeepers, as well, this would mean an increase in sales. Definitely, the mobile commerce domain is going to see a massive transition from its present model with the development of new technologies and trends. If you are looking to take your business website to mobile, hire an eCommerce development company who can build a mobile website and app for your business to matching these trends.

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