3 SEO Strategies To Beat Competitors & Rank High in 2018


We are in the world of search engine optimization where we have plenty of techniques and strategies to achieve top results in search engine result pages. But sometimes even with proper content and effective techniques, it becomes difficult to stay ahead of the competition and rank well for certain keywords.

Many times our SEO tactics also fail to give desired results. Now, it’s the time when you actually get confused and start finding what’s gone wrong, but are still clueless. No doubt you are using right approaches but the thing that pushes you behind is; use of correct approaches in a wrong manner.

We know that you can’t afford to ignore your website traffic because whatever you are doing is just for scoring high in google results and link more people to your brand that’s why Ingenious Netsoft is suggesting three simple ideas that will create a path for future success and growth.

Improve Website Loading Speed

From 2018, when it comes to rank a website Google will take into account the webpage loading speed on priority. It is the known fact that faster websites are more capable of creating happy customers that’s why it’s our suggestion to speed up your website to improve user experience and create a database of satisfied visitors.

When your website has quick browsing speed and improved page speed, search engines will be able to crawl and index your website more efficiently. Few ways you can speed up your website is – compiling Inline CSS/Javascript Files, optimizing the use of Images or avoiding heavy flash files etc.

Creating a Brand rapport Prior To Link Building

SEO is a game of link building. So everyone is sending more and more link requests to get backlinks, which is obviously not easy.  This is the reason why SEO strategies are not working. Being internet users, we also receive many link requests from multiple business owners on our emails, but we avoid to accept those requests because we don’t know their motive behind this. Similarly how others will come to your website till they are not aware of your brand. Cold link outreach somehow works well offline, but not online. Effective link building depends on trust, not force.

Rather than sending link requests and emails in bulk, create a personal brand online. No doubt, it requires efforts and takes time but once you develop a brand, it becomes easy for you to create links.

You can create your brand like this – create profiles of your brands on the top social networking sites, share a valuable post to your profile everyday either related to your business or trending news (with your insight into it), communicate with your audience and regularly publish an engaging content on the top sites such as – Forbes, Buzz-Sumo etc.

Consider Video Marketing as an add-on to your SEO Practices

Video Marketing is a proven method of driving traffic towards businesses. Just like How-To articles, blogs and tutorials attract visitors, similarly video marketing help attracts newbies to your business.

There is nothing wrong with putting content online but posting a video gives your brand a big boost especially when you will share it with a large number of audience on YouTube.  Your video should be the answer to many user queries. You can also include videos on your webpage with a catchy title, description and engaging content to keep interested visitors on your website longer. If you are a guest blogger, don’t forget to add it to your blog post.

Remember, SEO is all about using the right tactics at right times. So, if you are not familiar with SEO strategies then it’s good to hire SEO professionals instead doing it wrong by yourself. We have an expert team of SEO executives that help businesses in achieving good results over the web. You can request a free quote for your project anytime. You can also check out the packages at the following link.

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