From a small grocery store to a multinational company, nowadays every business is leveraging the benefits of SEO to meet their marketing efforts.

If you’re one of the counterparts, you should start paying attention right now.

Since you have to satisfy every Google algorithms’ factors, ranking in Google have become super difficult.

What is the biggest buzzword in marketing? Undoubtedly, it’s SEO. That’s why every business focuses on SEO. Every business wants to be in first top 10 listings on Google.

People have the opinion that SEO is almost over and trying to rank using SEO is pointless. The overall purpose of any business is to get traffic and generate leads. That’s the reason in recent years, many businesses have shifted to different social media platforms or some other types of paid promotional activities to attract the attention of prospects and profiting high ROI.

If you want to rank on Google like never before, you must know what to do and how to do it.

Google has numerous of ranking factors to take your business to the next level. It’s all about understanding the nearly right or exactly right Google SEO ranking factors.

Ingenious Netsoft knows the difference between good vs best SEO practices. We build web solutions which evolve with the changing needs of your business. We are the Best SEO Company in India offering guaranteed Google Page #1 Rankings with White Hat SEO Strategies.

Here are top 3 SEO ranking factors for 2018 that will help to take your website to the top…


As we all know, content is the ultimate king of digital marketing and it’s likely to be one the most important factors for ranking in 2018. All the content related Google algorithms are in the favor of providing relevant content in search. Your content should be so rich in information that it will answer all the queries of your users. You have to improve the user experience by providing a great content.

If your content is unique, trendy, engaging and solving user queries, you will surely benefit from this factor. From website content to blog and article, you should focus on producing great content to win the confidence of Google.

Moreover, content is an on-page factor. If you create quality content for low competition keyword and long tail keywords and properly optimize your on-site content, you will have great chances of taking your website on Google top SERPs, even when your content isn’t inevitably perfect.


The 2nd SEO ranking factor for 2018 is links. Natural and quality links improve the reputation of a website and Google ranking.

Now the question is how to build links in 2018.

The difference between a decade ago and now is Google gives the value of links like never before. Depending on the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA), Google measure the value of your links. The higher the number, the better the domain and ultimately better the link. So if you get backlinks from high PA and DA domains, chances are high to improve your overall ranking on Google.

Placing backlinks to your site to good domain authority sites is not only important, but you need to make sure links are placed on high-value pages on that domain as well.


With the advancement of mobile phones to Smartphone and high-speed internet, more and more people are using mobiles to surf the internet. From past 2 years, we have seen Google’s shift towards mobile first indexing. This means that Google’s index in 2018 will give more importance to the website which are compatible in all devices like desktop, mobile and tablets. The first preference will be given to mobile version of websites rather than the desktop version for crawling.

If you want to rank on Top Google SERPs, your content must be responsive on all mobile platforms. It must be identical as well to the content on your desktop site. The more mobile friendly your content is, the more chances to be rewarded by the Google. You can use plenty of tools and techniques to check the mobile responsiveness of your website such as Google Search Console, Structured Data Testing Tool, txt Testing Tool, Page Speed Insights etc.

In addition, page speed is yet another factor that relates to a good user experience on mobile and desktop. Your website should open in 3-4 seconds or less while it should not take more than 2 seconds to open the 1st fold of your website.

SEO is an industry who always keeps changing. In the past few years, Google has given more importance to rich content, quality links, and a great user experience. Cutting through the noise through SEO isn’t easy but these ranking factors will definitely help your website to rank on Top Google SERPs.

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