How to Put My Business on Google?

Today with the advent of digitalization, online presence has become a must. You need your business to be showed up first when a local resident searches for a particular product and services. So, if you haven’t put your business on Google, then get your business registered in the section of Google called Google Place. By this, your business name can be easily searched by the local audience and the best part yet to be added that putting your business on Google is charge less.

During registration, there is a simple procedure that needs to be followed, which is explained below:

# Procedure 1: First thing first, log in to your Google account and if you don’t have one then create it. It will hardly take your few minutes. More importantly, your listed business will be accessed by others, so make sure to have a separate account for your business.

# Procedure 2: Once you have done with making a Google account then you need to visit Google Place. Go to and click on “Google Places” then click on “add a new business”. Now you have to fill the provided spaces with your business phone number. Then Google will search your business’s information such as address and company name. All you need to do is to simply verify the information if it is correct.

# Procedure 3: If in any case, Google is not able to fetch out your business information then you need to type your own business name and address. Moving further, answer all additional questions about your business including your business hours, methods of payments, and other details according to your preference. Then click the “Submit” button.

# Procedure 4: Then comes the choice of the method you want to use to confirm business information. Once you done with the submission of information, then Google will send you a call for a PIN. It will help you to activate your business listing or will send code on a postcard to your company’s address. This step is quite crucial for your business as it helps in preventing fraud by verifying only true business with a physical location.

# Procedure 5: Last but not least, with the generated PIN on your mail or phone then you have to enter it by logging back into your account. You also have the option to request a phone call instead of mail or text. As soon as you entered the PIN to confirm the information then it will take 12 Hrs for your listing to get activated.

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