How To SEO Guide?

Like any other good How-to SEO guide, we also start with general SEO definition. SEO or Search engine optimization is a series of activities performed by experts on your website to make it visible on Google. SEO helps to make your website page visible such that potential customers This further helps to convert organic search engine traffic into leads or online customers. So, let’s start how to begin with SEO:


Identify: First and foremost, you need to find the website or its pages that need visitors into leads or online customers. In this manner, you can work on any website page or your products and services page to convert visitors into leads or online customers.


Research: Once you have identified the page or products and services page now it’s time to conduct research for the best keywords or search phrases associated with the target pages. There are different online platforms that can be used to search for keywords. It’s the keywords that helps in driving the most conversions for your product and services.


Setup: To set up an SEO campaign it’s advised to hire service from the best SEO company in India. It will help you to get in touch with trained and experienced professionals. These professionals will make the necessary changes that are required to set campaigns in appropriate manner that further help Google’s website crawlers ro scan your website content and give high importance. The more the website is searched the higher ranking it is given to the website by Google.


Work steadily on-site: To improve the strength of your target pages and/or add target pages to your campaign you need to work steadily on-site. This will include creating internal links to your target pages from other website pages and adding fresh high quality content. Moreover, regular checking the back end of your site to fix technical problems that interfere with Google’s ability to index.


Work steadily off-site: Once you are over with on-site, it’s time to build the SEO power for your website’s domain and your targeted pages by working steadily off-site. This involves writing guest articles on other sites to build links to your website, and sometimes encouraging customer reviews on leading review sites.  These are the ways by which you signal to Google that your company and website are credible, popular, reliable, and supply useful information products and services.


Track and analyse SEO data: Last but not least, you need to continuously improve your campaign. The key things that you need to keep in mind while monitoring your source of organic traffic is:

  • How those sources are trending, rankings for your targeted keywords
  • Analyse your data to tweak your campaign by shoring up underperforming keyword
  • Host other improvements that will gradually but almost inevitably lead to greater organic visibility

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