The reason for a presentation page for SEO is to draw in natural web crawler traffic for a particular arrangement of catchphrases. When guests land on the SEO presentation page, they will see content that is super applicable to their hunt question. The page might be intended to be a change page, or it might be intended to make high intrigue and afterward convert through connections to the proper item/administration page(s) on the fundamental site.

An SEO greeting page could possibly show up in the site’s route.

Case of a Landing Page for SEO

Assume your organization sells gadgets all through the U.S. Your site positions well for vital watchwords, for example, “gadgets” and “blue gadgets.” But to build your general perceivability on Google, you need to pull in nearby rush hour gridlock just as specialty traffic, without over-burdening your site’s route. Your technique, at that point, is to make a progression of SEO presentation pages to be upgraded around catchphrases including:


  • Gadgets in Chicago
  • Gadgets in Denver
  • Gadgets in San Francisco
  • Beat up gadgets
  • Red and green gadgets
  • Beat up gadgets in Chicago
  • Red and green gadgets in Chicago
  • Beat up gadgets in Denver
  • Red and green gadgets in Denver
  • Beat up gadgets in San Francisco
  • Red and green gadgets in San Francisco
  • Blue gadgets marked down
  • Blue gadgets with lifetime guarantees


Web optimization points of arrival following this methodology could envelop scores or even several pages, all planned and upgraded to catch nearby or specialty traffic.

How to Design a Landing Page for SEO?

A successful SEO point of arrival must do considerably more than essentially fuse the focused on watchwords in the correct way:

  • Above all else, each point of arrival must have interesting substance — 75 to 80 percent special, truth be told. This is a genuine test in the event that you need a progression of points of arrival, for example, “gadgets in [location]” for, state, 50 areas. In the event that the pages are simple copies of one another, with insignificant adjustments, Google will likely overlook them. Proficient SEO publicists are skilled at executing this sort of task.
  • Greeting pages must be connecting with, enlightening, and influential. The reason for a presentation page, SEO assortment, isn’t to just draw in site guests; the thought is to get them to change over, either legitimately on the greeting page or by persuading them to snap to your standard item/administration page. Accordingly, successful SEO greeting pages require the hand of a gifted purchaser or modern publicist.
  • In the event that proper to the selling circumstance, making long-structure SEO greeting pages could be a profoundly powerful methodology. Long-structure content — word checks of 1,500 and the sky is the limit from there — will, in general, get seen by Google crawlers and rank well overall, all taking everything into account. For complex items/administrations and new offers, long-structure, instructive substance bodes well. On the off chance that, then again, you accept broad substance will block changes, go for transformations.

Normally, SEO presentation pages must be streamlined in all ordinary regards, including appropriately developed title labels, meta depictions, URLs, and so forth