An SEO FAQ is, what is a sitemap? As a matter of fact, there are two or three sorts of sitemaps with pertinence to SEO:


  • HTML sitemap
  • XML sitemap

What is an HTML sitemap? It’s a sitemap obvious to peruses on your site. Its motivation is to fill in as an extra navigational device.

What is a sitemap, XML assortment? An XML sitemap isn’t obvious to peruses yet rather is perused via web index crawlers. XML sitemaps help Google and other web indexes discover all the pages you need them to discover on your site.

What Is a Sitemap – HTML Sitemaps?


HTML represents Hypertext Mark-up Language and is generally utilized by site designers. An HTML sitemap is a site page that presentations connect to pages of your site. The anchor text for those connections is ordinarily the h1 title (fundamental title) of the page, as this strategy augments consistency for the site guest endeavouring to find data.

HTML sitemaps are totally adaptable regarding plan and substance. You can show connects to just the pages you need guests to zero in on or connections to each page of your site. On the off chance that you have an enormous site, you’ll make the sitemap substantially more easy to understand by gathering the page connects as intently as conceivable to the groupings utilized in your principle route — administrations, items, about us, and so on

Regarding direct SEO esteem, HTML sitemaps are of little outcome. In the event that your site has a poor inside connection structure or inconsistent route, an HTML sitemap could help Google crawlers discover the entirety of your deliberately significant pages. As a rule, notwithstanding, HTML sitemaps are predominantly used to improve a site’s ease of use, as a reinforcement to the site’s normal route and interior connections. Destinations with a ton of pages, a ton of page bunches advantage the most from an HTML sitemap, however, having one is a decent practice for each site. A connect to the HTML sitemap is normally positioned in the footer route so it shows up on each page of the site.


What Is a Sitemap – XML Sitemaps?

XML represents Extensible Markup Language. While HTML language is utilized to show information to people, XML language is utilized to convey information — for this situation, from your site’s worker to Google and other web crawlers. An XML sitemap is a device utilized by web designers to convey to web indexes the pages of your site you need them to creep — to help the web crawlers discover those pages all the more rapidly and not miss any.

XML sitemaps are frequently shipped off Google and other web crawlers each time the new substance is added to the site. XML sitemaps don’t ensure that web indexes will locate your substance, yet they can be useful, particularly if your website has content in Flash or another non-HTML arranges that internet searcher crawlers can’t peruse.