Hidden content is text that escapes human view on a page however noticeable to Google crawlers that are ordering and positioning the page. Therefore, SEOs have utilized different strategies to shroud text. Asking what is shrouded text is a significant inquiry, since certain procedures for concealing content are not satisfactory to Google, while others are entirely fine.

Google has distributed its rules for the utilization of shrouded text on a page. Google encourages us to stay away from practices, for example, utilizing a similar shading text and foundation, concealing content behind a picture, situating text off-screen and utilizing zero-size textual styles. Dark cap SEOs have utilized such practices to embed watchwords (regularly unessential catchphrases) into a website page.

For What Is Hidden Text Properly Used?

Shrouded text can be important to human pursuers and Google when conveyed in the correct manner and for the correct reasons. Here are some significant models:

Concealing content in a high level route improves convenience. Defying guests with a menu pressed with several connections overpowers them. To keep the client experience positive, website specialists regularly utilize drop-down menus and other plan alternatives to keep the highest point of the page outwardly perfect and fathomable.

For sites that utilization a paid membership model (e.g., an online paper), it is satisfactory to show a page’s substance on the principal visit yet then conceal it from human view on ensuing visits.


  • Sites utilizing responsive plan (i.e., plan that changes the design of a website page for ideal survey on work areas, tablets and cell phones) may preclude certain substance components from versatile view so as to boost arranging and forestall overpowering the portable client with a degree of substance that would be worthy in a work area see. Google certainly needs website specialists to make the portable survey insight as solid as could reasonably be expected — insofar as concealed content is utilized hence, you ought not encounter SEO-related issues.


  • Records of the video can be shortened, instead of shown completely underneath the video itself. Records can be convenient for human users and fill a genuine need for client involvement with expansion to helping Google crawlers recognize, file and rank the video content. In the event that the video is the principal motivation behind the page, it might be to some degree more invaluable for SEO to show the whole record — something else, truncation is presumably the better way to deal with keeping the website page short and basic.


  • Different kinds of substance that can be shortened without stress are client surveys, specialized subtleties on item/administration website pages and substance on unindexed pages. For item/administration pages specifically, notwithstanding, consider that Google will give fairly more significance to messages that aren’t covered up, and that all taking everything into account, the site page on a given item/administration with the most noticeable substance will procure the best natural positioning.

As referenced before, concealing content to portray visual components, for example, video, pictures, JavaScript and Flash are attractive.

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